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Here's some of the best-selling items we have for modular lovers.  See something you like?  You know what to do...
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Make Noise Blank Panels (1 - 20 HP)
Make Noise 20 Pack Assorted
Make Noise 5 Pack Hot Pinks
Intellijel 1u Blank Panels
Intellijel Hub
4ms Blank Panels (1 to 10 HP)
4ms Company Flying Bus Cable (male pins)
Make Noise Mimeophon
Intellijel Cable Set 12"
Befaco Knurlies M3
Befaco Knurlies M3
From $25.00
Befaco DivKid Mutes Assembled Module
SSF/Steady State Fate DivKid RND STEP
Make Noise 10-Pin Power Cable
Intellijel Cable Set 6"
Make Noise QPAS
Make Noise QPAS
Eurodesk-Z HEX-01 - Eurorack (1/8 inch) Cable Hanger
Intellijel Cable Set 24"
4ms Company Row Power Brick 45W (Pod)
Intellijel 4U Palette Case 62HP
4ms Company Row Power Brick 90W
Moog 12" Patch Cable Set
Intellijel Cable Set 36"
Intellijel USB Power 1U USB socket for charging/powering peripheral devices.
Mutable Instruments Marbles
After Later Audio Monsoon (MI Clouds variant)
Intellijel Dixie II+
Make Noise Mult
Dreadbox Hysteria Performance VCO
Moog 6" patch cable set
Doepfer A-100c120 blue 47" patch cable
Moog Mother 32 Semi Modular Synth
After Later Audio Micro Ornament & Crime (uO_C)
Moog DFAM Semi-modular Eurorack Analog Percussion Synthesizer
Dreadbox Nostalgia 4-Stage Delay
Patchwerks 10HP Blank Panel
Mutable Instruments Stages
471 results
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