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Kinks from Mutable Instruments offers THREE analog utilities in one module, great for altering the shape of control voltage signals and audio.

The first section of the module is Sign. The Sign section contains a precise signal inverter, and half / full wave rectifiers. This section is great for creating new LFOs, or transforming CV melodies.

The second section is Logic. Logic has an analog OR gate that outputs the maximum of two different signals. It's great for merging two triggers / gates, making new LFO shapes, and more!

The final section of the module is the S&H, a classic circuit for synthesizers. Each trigger that's received in the TRIG input, the output voltage takes the value of the input voltage, and holds it. The input IN is normalized to a white noise generator, great for generating random stepped values. The output of the white noise is also available through the NOISE output jack.

Kinks Features
All inputs are DC-Coupled, works with Audio and CV
All circuits can handle audio rate signals
Triple function module, Signal inversion, Logic, and Sample and Hold
S&H TRIG input edge detector: minimum pulse width: 25µs. Maximum slew rate: 0.2V/ms
S&H sampling time: 100µs
S&H droop rate: <0.8mV/s
Grids’ “brain” is a map of the typical drum patterns used in (mostly electronic) music, laid out by similarity, trained on a large corpus of drum loops. The module can smoothly interpolate and navigate from one pattern to the other, at the whim of a knob move or a CV.

But Grids’ knowledge of drum patterns goes far beyond what would be achieved with presets – given a position in the map, thousands of variations can be intuitively generated by controlling the “event density” of each of the 3 channels (bd, sd, hh) – gradually moving from a sparse backbone to a deliciously rich pattern with ghost notes, rolls and fills.

Add CV-control on these parameters and you can add subtle or drastic variations to the drum pattern. If you don’t want to waste a noise source or S&H for that, Grids has its own internal source of randomness that can unpredictably spice the pattern, in an always meaningful way.

Building the rhythmic foundation of your tracks with Grids is fun, surprisingly intuitive, with modulation and variations possibilities that will rapidly make you forget x0x-style sequencers.

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