Echo Field

Echo Field (they/her) has been making and studying electronic music for nearly two decades. They started making music early at eleven years old with a copy of rebirth. Since then she has self released 3 albums of modular synth music. Their musical wheelhouse is IDM, Techno, and Ambient, but she also has experience with Jazz, Industrial, and Metal as well. 
Echo spent years getting to know different modular environments, whether hardware or software, and can cover anything from building basic synth voices to understanding generative sequencing to building complex logic to control a live improvised performance. Sound Design, Music Theory, Electronic Music History, and basic DIY/Circuit Design can all be covered as well. 
Her main goal as a teacher is to get more people involved with modular synthesis and open source music software/hardware. Beginning students can expect a deep dive on basics and a good overview of advanced topics and how to apply it to your setup. For advanced students she hopes to cater specifically to your musical goals and how to achieve it with your gear. 
  • Eurorack
  • VCV rack
  • SuperCollider
  • Synthesis
  • Composition
  • Improvisation
To contact Echo for lessons, please contact her using this form.
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