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Doepfer A-101-6 Six Stage Opto FET VCF (Open Box)

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A-101-6 is a filter module that uses so-called opto FETs to control the filter frequency. Opto FETs are very similar to Vactrols but use light depending field effect transistors (FETs) instead of light depending resistors (LDRs). A opto FET is a combination of a light depending FET and a LED (light emitting diode) both put into a small light-proof case. The advantage compared to vactrols is the much faster response of opto FETs compared to LDRs. This allows much faster attack/decay times and even FM effects. The disadvantage compared to vactrols is that the FET behaves as a normal Ohm resistor only for small levels. With higher levels the FET begins to distort.

Module A-101-6 is made of six serial 6dB filter stages. Each stage can work as lowpass, highpass or one of two allpass types. 

Width: 8HP

Depth: 65 mm

Current: +40mA (+12V) / -40mA (-12V)

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