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Future Sound Systems Mute STUMM Mutes

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STUMM is a six-channel bank of high-fidelity audio mutes with grouping functionality. Each individual mute switch offers toggled (switch up) and momentary (switch down) click-less muting, and is also assignable to belong to group A, B or neither group. Signal is passed through each channel's VCA when the switch is either up or down - the channel is muted in the middle position.

Each channel's input is passed through an DC-coupled discrete VCA, where each VCA is controlled by a discrete attack/release generator triggered by the mute switch. By default, the envelope times are set to be very fast to achieve click-less muting. LEDs also indicate when audio is being passed through the VCAs (i.e. not muted). Due to each VCA being DC-coupled, control voltages can also be passed through STUMM, offering even further flexibility for live performance.

Technical specifications:

Module width: 8HP
Module depth: 53mm behind 2mm FR4 front panel
Current consumption: 60mA on +12V, 55mA on -12V

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