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Analog coloring compressor module

100% analog signal path and sidechain feedforward compressor
Unique (log based RMS) detector

Output routed through a specially selected Edcor transformer with highly desirable saturation qualities.

Three carefully designed analog circuits to impose specific character on the output signal:

TUBE adds non-linear distortion providing second order harmonics

TAPE adds symmetrical distortion providing both even and odd harmonics

XFRM modifies the transformer feedback circuit, giving a boost to low bass content

All three color circuits can be engaged in any combination to react differently based on the input drive level and makeup gain

Sidechain routed through a voltage controllable SVF filter with LP, BP and HP modes. A trimmer on the PCB allows you to adjust Q. This filter can be used independently of the rest of the module.

External sidechain input allows triggering of the compressor with external sources.

Link IN/OUT allows two Jellysquashers to be chained together for stereo operation.

Full CV control of sidechain cutoff, threshold, ratio, attack time, release time, and makeup gain.

Wet/Dry control allows for “New York” style compression where there is a blend of the dry and compressed output signal.

LED bar graph with selectable display modes to view the signal level in VU or the gain reduction in dB.

Width: 18hp

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