Open Box Korgasmatron II Expander

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Expander module for the Korgasmatron II: adds auxilliary inputs to each filter and VC of resonance
The Korgasmatron II Expander module allows for cv control of the q for each filter.

An additional special feature of the Korgasmatron II design is that you can also have extra inputs to each filter that has its own selectable filter type independent of the main filter type. so for example i can have filter a on the main module set to LPF and then run a second signal into the same filter but in BPF mode. both signals come out of the same output.

Korgasmatron II expander:

6 hp skiff friendly (totally passive)
vc of q for filter a and filter b
auxiliary input for filter a and b with independent filter type selection
attaches to korgasmatron ii via single ribbon cable

Width: 6hp

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