Quad Inverter


The Intellijel Quad Inverter is a quad cv inverter and audio buffer in 2 HP. Each output is a buffered negative version of the input. e.g. if an input is fed a 2v cv signal, the output will be a -2v signal. All outputs are normalized to the inverter input below it. Inverts audio inputs and shifts their phase by 180 degrees. This is not used for inverting gates. For this you need a logic inverter as found on the Intellijel Plog module.

The main features of the Intellijel Quad Inverter include:

  • Inverts up to four incoming signals.
  • Cascading architecture feeds outputs from one to another, top to bottom.
  • Slim 2HP footprint.

Depth: 29mm
2 HP
Quad Inverter/Audio Buffer
Manufacturer: Intellijel

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