Black and Gold Shared System

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The Shared System is housed in a portable wooden case with rubber feet, a carrying handle and a lid which is deep enough to keep the System patched when travelling.
The case meets requirements for carry-on luggage. It offers 208HP space, 190HP of which are occupied by modules and the rest covered by 4HP or 6HP wide blank panels, making the system expandable.
30 patch cords are supplied with the system, each ten in 15cm, 30cm and 60cm length.
An external brick-style switching power supply which can be used worldwide is included. It delivers 1.4A at +12V, 1A at -12V and 250mA at +5V


Maths: dual function generator with offset and mix
ModDemix: dual ring modulator/VCA
DPO: complex dual oscillator
Optomix: dual Lopass Gate with mix function
Echophon: pitch shifting & echo
Erbe-Verb: a very unique and fantastic reverb
Wogglebug: clockable weird signal generator for CVs and Audio
Pressure Points: touchplate controller with 3CVs per plate
René: cartesian sequencer
Phonogene: VC DSP audio processor / sampler
CV Bus:

pre-amp: 1/4" mono input, gain control, 3.5mm output
quad routing buss with color indication
output section: 2x 3.5mm mono inputs (L normalized to R), level control, 1/4"TRS output.

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