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The Phonogene is a digital re-visioning and elaboration of the tape recorder as musical instrument. It takes its name from a little known, one of a kind instrument used by composer Pierre Schaeffer. It is informed by the worlds of Musique Concrete where speed and direction variation were combined with creative tape splicing to pioneer new sounds, and Microsound where computers divide sound into pieces smaller then 1/10 of a second to be manipulated like sub-atomic particles.

NEW rev. 372 firmware with Improved Algorithm

Broken ECHO Mode for realtime processing of audio signals.

Digital audio buffer for the modular synthesist, with voltage control over every parameter

RECord sounds on the fly

Layer sounds using the internal Sound On Sound

Cut sound into pieces using SPLICE

Re-organize pieces with the ORGANIZE control, infinite variations of the original recording possible by modulating ORGANIZE parameter

VARI-SPEED allows for speed and direction of playback to be modulated continuously with one control signal

GENE-SIZE, GENE-SHIFT and SLIDE allow for Granularization of RECorded sound

Firmware Engineered by Tom Erbe and Flemming Christensen.

Pairs well with an iPod, Echophon and Wogglebug

Width: 20hp
Max Depth: 30mm
Power: 70mA@ +12V 40mA @ -12V

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