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Mutable Instruments Blades Dual Multimode Filter

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A CV-controlled overdrive circuit capable of wavefolding.

A clean 12dB/octave multimode filter self-oscillating cleanly across the audio range.

Times two. And this could have stopped here.


What sets Blades apart is that options commonly presented as multiple choices (low-pass or high-pass? serial or parallel?) are presented here as a continuum, ready to be explored at the twist of a knob or with a CV.

The filter response is continuously variable between low-pass, band-pass and high-pass, and delivers intermediate shelving responses, for more nuanced spectral coloring.

A dual crossfader circuit allows the routing between the two filters to smoothly vary from single to parallel to series.


Originally thought as a complex filter, Blades turns out to be capable of much more:

  • A dual distortion with spectral color control?
  • An oscillator mixer with crossfading, wavefolding, and enough filtering to clean up the mess?
  • A voice, using one filter as an oscillator, then distorting, folding it and filtering it with the second filter?
  • A complex oscillator capable of FM, PM and AM?

18HP, 25mm deep, +12V: 250mA, -12V: 140mA

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