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The Vert is an 8 bit analog-to-digital converter with internal clock generator. The module translates audio signals or control voltages into gate sequences, which can be tapped off eight outputs. The amplitude of incoming material determines which gate channel is active at what time. A frequency modulation input allows the user to influence the clock rate via third-party circuits. Alternatively to the internal generator, it is possible to use an external clock signal with the module. Vert can be employed as a gate sequencer, bit crusher, Sample-and-Hold stage, comparator, polarizer, wavefolder or glitchy equalizer.

The Vert is able to process audio material as well as CV signals. A switch toggles between unipolar (0 V to -10 V) and bipolar (-10 V to +10 V) operation. The speed of the internal sample clock generator is adjustable via a potentiometer. Additionally, there is a switch to select low frequency or audio range. A FM input makes it possible to modulate the sample rate. Alternatively to the internal clock, an external one can be used with the module. Gate signals are emitted by eight outputs. (Connector 1 = Least Significant Bit / Connector 8 = Most Significant Bit) Next to the jacks, colorful LEDs were placed to visualize the analog-to-digital conversions. A trimmer allows the user to control the brightness of the components.

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