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Foundation Kick Drum

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Foundation is an electro-organic instrument loosely mimicking the thump and feel of an acoustic kick drum.


  • 90% Analog

  • Smooth Drum Palette

  • CV’able Tuning & Decay

  • Deep Sine Generator


  • Width: 10hp
  • Depth: 28mm
  • 20mA @ +12V

  • 10mA @ -12V

The Sound

Foundation comes from the spirit of classic analog drum machines in that it attempts to recreate the nuance of an actual acoustic instrument. Each part of an idealized physical drum has been translated into electrical components.

The sound is massive and instantly recognizable as analog, even though there are a few minor digital augmentations. And while we’ve stretched and tweaked parameters beyond realistic, you still won’t find a harsh or cheesy sound on this thing.


The Nudge CV input gently modulates the tuning of the drum to add variation and interest. Nudge is calibrated so that a gate or LFO applied here will be interesting but not disjointed. And if used in conjunction with an attenuator, obtains nearly subliminal pitch variation that give the instrument life and humanization.

Cyborg Envelopes

Under the hood, two of the three analog envelopes that shape the sound are digitally controlled. This is cool because it allows for some modifications over a traditional analog bassdrum circuit. Namely, the decay tail has a blended linear/expo shape, and the single RING control changes the length of both decays simultaneously.

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