Recovery Cutting Room Floor V2 Analog Glitch Loop Tape Delay

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Glitch, Pitch, Echo, Modulate

The most original and versatile release from Recovery Effects to date. Unlike any effect you've heard before, it offers mountains of wild modulation, delay, freeze and stutter. Anything from light lo-fi chorus to broken-tape-deck sounds can be achieved with this unique effect. Melt, then freeze tones in place, or use it as a gritty echo or faux reverb.

New in V2:

*Intensity and Modulation parameters under one control called "Wow"

*New tape deterioration parameter introduced called ‚"Stability‚" 2 knobs control "Shape" and ‚"Flutter‚" in conjunction with Wow.

*CV control.

*Sleek new design.

Hand-wired in Seattle, WA. Full-lifetime warranty. 14hp, 18ma current draw.

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