Open Box Tower Series 46 Double-Tier Keyboard Stand Black (TOWER 1300-02-BK)

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Let's face it; the world has seen enough heavy, bulky,
oddly-designed, or just plain boring keyboard stands. The musicians behind STAY set out to design something different: stands that not only put players’ needs and comforts, but also -look great doing so.

The STAY difference is apparent in their total approach to stand solutions. To start, they'e the lightest column stands on the market, yet they hold as much or more than competitive stands their size. STAY's tripod leg design stands raises the column off the floor, allowing placement of pedals anywhere the player chooses. Set-up of STAY stands is also fast and easy; no complicated joints or systems that can wear over time; no hidden parts within the stand; and all components t neatly in a compartmentalized carrying case, included with every stand they offer.

STAY is all about customization as well. Players can easily add an additional angled-down tier to any STAY stand to change the playing angle of a second keyboard. Need to support a smaller keyboard that would fall between the widespread arms on a competing stand? STAY has that covered as well; with ingeniously simple curved arms that t any of their tiers to provide safe, sturdy support for even the smallest synths. Plus, with five colors to choose from, STAY is the only brand that lets players color-coordinate with their synth, or simply make an eye-catching statement onstage!

STAY backs their offerings with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty, adding peace of mind to a bold, innovative, and attractive solution for any keyboard rig!

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