Cubase Pro 11 (Digital Download Only)

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**Requires Steinberg e-Licenser for authentication, purchase one with your Cubase Pro 11 Software Download**


Do you want to start creating your own music, bring your production up to a professional level, or streamline your workflow for short deadlines? Whatever you need, Cubase helps you to reach your full creative potential. From Hollywood blockbuster composers and Billboard Hot 100 producers right through to keen beginners, the world of music production trusts the comprehensive feature set, straightforward tools and unrivaled sound of our acclaimed music production software. You can even import your video files to edit alongside your audio to complete your multimedia project all in one program! 

Next-generation audio engine

The award-winning Cubase audio engine features crystal-clear, 64-bit floating-point resolution at a 192 kHz sample rate, delivering pristine sound quality that is the hallmark of the Cubase music production experience. It also includes true surround capability, with each track and channel offering up to six discreet channels for 5.1 surround mixes.


Cubase's MixConsole excels not only in terms of usability, look and feel, but also sounds like a high end analog mixing console. Featuring a scalable, dedicated full-screen mode, the MixConsole is optimized for mouse-free operation - virtually all channel elements are accessible via the computer keyboard and screen reader software for the visually impaired. Featuring View Sets and Channel Zones for the utmost flexibility, ‘one click’ direct routing, customizable track icons, track notepad, drag-and-drop support and plug-in / channel search function, the it feels like having a state-of-the-art mixing console in your computer - and sounds like it, too.

Sampler Track 2

Take any piece of audio and use it to create a Sampler Track. You can then play the sample chromatically and manipulate it with the onboard filters, controls and two LFOs, experimenting to come up with new and innovative ideas. Slicing mode chops up your loops so they’re ready-to-play with just a click while, for the 808 lovers, there’s the mono legato glide!

Audio Warp Quantize

Warp-quantize multiple audio tracks at once using the convenient Quantize panel. By creating warp markers straight from hitpoints, both single audio loops as well as the entire arrangement can be non-destructively quantized with a single mouse click — just like MIDI parts. Importantly, because the audio events are warped, rather than sliced, they automatically follow any tempo or pitch changes of your project, while remaining uncluttered for easy arrangement.

Chord Assistant

You don't have to be a musical genius to create beautiful melodies, thanks to the powerful Chord Assistant. It helps you to generate everything from simple pop to complex jazz chord sequences that sound great. It is even possible to specify the first and final chords and, if you don’t know what should go in between, the Chord Assistant will list chord suggestions which you can choose from.

Scale Assistant

Set your song’s scale in the Key Editor and follow its lead, quantize a solo to the scale or play live in perfect tune. You can change the view to only see the notes of the set scale. You can even let the Scale Assistant analyze your MIDI recording and suggest the right scale.

MPE Support

MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) is supported in Nuendo. The most common MPE controllers are automatically detected and set up, with convenient assignment to any kind of instrument parameter. A library of exclusively designed MPE-ready presets for HALion Sonic SE is included.

SpectraLayers One

This compact version of the acclaimed visual audio editing tool allows you to visualize and accurately clean up your audio. Thanks to the state-of-the-art source separation engine, you can separate the vocal part from any kinds of audio tracks, whether you want to remix your favorite song or create mash-ups.

VariAudio 3 

VariAudio offers fully-integrated vocal editing and pitch change of individual notes in monophonic vocal recordings, allowing you to solve intonation and timing problems with just a few clicks. Editing vocal lines in the Sample Editor is as fast and seamless as if editing MIDI notes in the Key Editor. Full integration with the Chord Track ensures correct pitch for your harmonies at all times, even letting you harmonize your lead vocals in stunning choral arrangements. Smart Controls significantly speed up your workflow by allowing direct control of all parameters at each segment. You can edit the micro pitch level for smooth drifts and transitions, adjust the formant shift for perfect natural tones or drastically transform your recordings with extreme pitch corrections… and everything in between. And if you want the popular ‘robot voice’ effect, it’s easily achieved!

Included with software

Tons of audio and midi effects are included with your purchase of Cubase Pro 11, as well as state of the art virtual instruments and samples. Complete your mix or composition entirely within Cubase with robust equalizer options, compression, virtual drums and synthesizers, and much more!


Audio engine 64 bit
Audio resolution 192 kHz
MIDI tracks unlimited
Audio tracks unlimited
VST Instrument tracks unlimited
VST Instruments 8
Instrument sounds > 3000
VST audio effect plug-ins 79
VST MIDI effect plug-ins 18
Physical inputs & outputs 256
Audiochannel insert slots 16
Group channels 256
FX send and return channels S:8 - R:64
Rack instruments 64
MIDI plug-in insert slots & sends 4

System Requirements

64-bit Windows 10 Version 1909, 64-bit Windows 10 Version 2004, 64-bit Windows 10 Version 20H2, 64-bit Windows 11 Version 21H2

macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina, macOS Big Sur

CPU Minimum:
Intel Core i series or AMD Ryzen multi-core (recommended: Intel i5 or faster)

RAM Minimum:
4 GB (recommended: 8 GB)

Hard Disk free space:
35 GB

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