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UA-FE-24_24 Foam Edging, 24" (24 pack - charcoal)

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UA-FE-24_4 Acoustic Foam Edging – 2”x2”x24” (QTY 24)

Ultimate Acoustics’ UA-FE-24_24 is the perfect compliment to any acoustic treatment installation. This acoustic foam edging defines clean lines in corners of rooms where walls meet walls and walls meet ceilings, providing an edge for acoustic treatment to be installed next to. They also help control low energy that tends to gather in the very same corners of rooms. UA-FE-24_24 acoustic foam edging is available in 2”x2”x24” sections and ships in packages of twenty-four units.

NOTE: Samples of Ultimate Acoustics studio foam products have been commercially tested, meeting the criteria for a Class B rating. Color fading may occur with UV exposure over time. Sunlight and direct light from standard bulbs should be avoided. Color fading not covered by warranty.


  • Professional 2" x 2" x 24" acoustic foam edging
  • Solid foam base for maximum absorption
  • Design Style: Prism
  • Sold in units of twenty-four


  • Part Name: UA-FE-24_24
  • Part Number: 17758
  • Size: 2" x 2" x 24"
  • Type: Acoustic Foam Edging
  • QTY: 24
  • Design Style: Prism
  • Color: Charcoal

Can be used with Ultimate Acoustics UA-AS1 Acoustic Adhesive Spray

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