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UA-WPB-24_12 Bevel Panel, 24" x 24" (12 pack - charcoal)

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UA-WPB-24_12 Bevel-style Absorption Panel Professional Studio Foam - 24"x24"x2" (QTY 12)

The UA-WPB-24 professional Absorption Panel is the perfect blend of form and function for acoustically treating small, medium or large spaces. The beveled edges give an elegant, custom-designed look to any décor, while the solid foam base provides maximum absorption in the smallest possible space. Higher frequencies are fully attenuated for critical placement around the mix position, or the “front” of your space. 

NOTE: Samples of Ultimate Acoustics studio foam products have been commercially tested, meeting the criteria for a Class B rating. Color fading may occur with UV exposure over time. Sunlight and direct light from standard bulbs should be avoided. Color fading not covered by warranty.


  • More Foam for More Absorption
  • Maximum High Frequency Attenuation
  • Controlled, Not Dead


  • Part Name: UA-WPB-24_12
  • Part Number: 17760
  • Size: 24" x 24" x 2"
  • Type: Wall Panel
  • QTY: 12
  • Design Style: Bevel
  • Color: Charcoal

 Can be used with Ultimate Acoustics UA-AS1 Acoustic Adhesive Spray

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