cmp1 Eurorack Compressor Module


Waldorf designed their cmp1 Eurorack compressor module to let you punch up your sound and add exciting new dynamics to your synth rig. With its level of flexibility, the cmp1 would fit right in any studio signal processing rig. For example, you can select between hard- and soft-knee settings, bleed in original signal, and use sidechaining to produce focused results - an option Sweetwater synth nuts love for ducking kick drums or pulsing with rhythmic elements! Switchable RMS and Peak modes provide a wide range of character, and a separate detector signal output lets you use the cmp1 as an envelope follower too.

Waldorf cmp1 Eurorack Compression Module Features:
True-analog compression module for your Eurorack synth rig
Includes both RMS and Peak modes for added character options
Sidechaining with blend control lets you dial in your compression response

Hard- and soft-knee compression options allow you to contour the threshold

Separate detector signal output acts as an envelope follower
Level control provides exponential VCA functionality

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