KB37 Eurorack Keyboard


Whether you're a Eurorack synth nut looking to perform or a keyboardist who's always wanted to build your own dream synth, the Waldorf kb37 Eurorack keyboard chassis is just what you need. This keyboard includes eight CV outputs, three user-assignable MIDI controllers, linkable CV/Gate functions, and 107hp of Eurorack module mounting space. Complete with adjustable glide, pitch range, and a set of pitch and mod wheels, the Waldorf kb37 is a Eurorack rig that demands to be played.

Waldorf kb37 Eurorack Keyboard Chassis Features:
A controller keyboard and Eurorack chassis built for the stage
Integrated 107hp Eurorack chassis lets you load up your favorite synth modules
37-key Fatar TP9 synth-action keybed includes aftertouch and variable bend and glide ranges
I/O includes 8 CV outputs, linkable Gate, 3 triggers, 3 MIDI controllers, pitch, velocity, and more
16-bit CV interface, programmable MIDI channels
Built-in regulated power-supply (+12V/-12V, 1.5A)

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