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ybot - Operator Cassette

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Operator is an experiment with the Elektron Digitone, a 4-track, 8-voice frequency modulation synthesizer. I’m drawn to the gritty and growly sounds of FM synthesis as an artist and listener, and I relied on the 4-track constraint of the Digitone for studies in compact arrangements of minimal and dub techno.

Artists like Basic Channel, Ben Buitendijk and Plastikman heavily influenced my approaches to texture and rhythm as the tracks evolved over the course of almost two years.

After performing these Digitone-only tracks as part of a livestream with Seattle-area collective Basement State, I recorded a selection in order to complete and polish them into this EP. Refining these tracks in a DAW-based setting allowed for the addition of vocals, deeper manipulation of effects and texture, and expansion of their sonic possibilities.

More Details: https://ybotmusic.bandcamp.com/album/operator