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A-111-3 Micro Precision Vco

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The Micro Precision VCO is a space-saving and utterly precise analog VCO / LFO with a extremely wide frequency range, immaculate tracking over at least ten octaves and nearly perfect waveforms.

Basically, it is the same circuitry like the High-End VCO A-111-2 but with reduced functions and controls. It is suitable as a modulator for exact linear FM and much more.

The VCO has a triangle core from which sawtooth, pulse and triangle are derived. The wave forms are almost perfect and sans glitches.

The pulse width can be set with a control from 0 to 100% and of course it can be modulated.

There is one input for oscillator synchronisation and its type, either hard or soft sync, is jumper-selected. Both types differ in sound with the hard sync being more aggressive and richer in harmonics.

4HP wide

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