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Doepfer A-126-2 Frequency Shifter
Doepfer A-138m Matrix Mixer
Doepfer A-188-1 Bucket Brigade Delay
Doepfer A-111-4 Quad Precision VCO
Doepfer A-101-6 Six Stage Opto FET VCF (Open Box)
Doepfer A-101-1 Vactrol Steiner Filter
Doepfer A-155 Analog CV & Trigger Sequencer
Doepfer A-154 Enhanced Sequencer Controller
Doepfer A-101-6 Six Stage Opto FET VCF
Doepfer A-156 Dual Quantizer
Doepfer A-174-4 3D Joystick CV Gate Controller
Doepfer A-160-5 Ratcheting Clock Multiplier
Doepfer A-111-5 Synthesizer Voice
Doepfer A-130-8 Octal Linear VCA & Mixer
Doepfer A-100PMS12 12U 168HP Monster Case
Doepfer A-100PMS9 9U 168HP Monster Case
Doepfer A-183-9 Quad USB Power Supply
Doepfer A-180-1 Unbuffered Multiples
Doepfer A-142-4 Quad Decay
Doepfer A-141-4 Quad Polyphonic ADSR
Doepfer A-132-8 Octal Polyphonic VCA
Doepfer A-105-4 Quad Polyphonic 24dB SSM VCF
Doepfer MSY2 MIDI to Sync Interface
Doepfer MCV4 MIDI to CV Converter
Doepfer A-180-9 Multicore Pair
Doepfer A-142-2 Dual Envelope + VCA
Doepfer A-183-4 Quad Level Shifter
Doepfer A-182-1 Switched Multiples
Doepfer A-160-1 Clock & Trigger Divider
Doepfer A-135-2 Voltage Controlled Mixer
Doepfer A-183-2 Offset/Polarizer/Attenuator
Doepfer A-183-1 Dual Attenuator
Doepfer A-182-2 Quad Switch
Doepfer A-180-3 Buff Mult
Doepfer A-161 Clock Sequencer
Doepfer A-160-2 Clock Divider
111 results
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