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Instruo DivKid øchd Octal LFO
Instruo tanh[3] Waveshaper, Limiter, Overdrive, and Feedback
Instruo arbhar Granular Sampler
Instruo vincâ Dual VCA
Instruo Lúbadh Tape-Style Sampler/Looper
Instruo Cš-L Dual Oscillator
Instruo harmonàig Quad Quantizer
Instruo [2]f Fader Module
Instruo I-ō47 Filter
Instruo Tš-L Analog Oscillator
Instruo cèis CV-controlled Envelope
Instruo Tàin Switch Utility
Instruo athrú Wavefolder
Instruo SCÍON Biofeedback Sensor
Instruo lìon 6x6 Matrix Mixer
Instruo Patch Cable 5-pack 60cm
Instruo Patch Cable 5-pack 20cm
Instruo saïch Quad Oscillator
Instruo Patch Cable 5-pack 30cm
Instruo troika Triple Oscillator
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