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Used Tiptop uZeus with Power Supply and Flying Bus Cables
Used DIY AI Synthesis Passive Mult
Used Dreadbox Lil Erebus
Used Intellijel Quad VCA
Used After Later Audio Monsoon
Used DIY AI Synthesis OTA VCF
Used DIY AI Synthesis Matrix Mixer
Used micro Ornament and Crime
Used DIY Peaks
Used DIY Peaks
Used DIY Turing Machine
Used Mutable Instruments Braids
Used Moog Minitaur
Used Noise Engineering Kith Ruina
Used Doepfer A-119 External Input
Used Tiptop Audio Zeus Studio Bus
Used Roland JX-03
Used Instruo Athru
Used Qu-Bit Chord V1
Used OP-Z with oplab module and Yellow PVC Case
Used STG Post-Lawsuit Filter
Used Manhattan Analog Passive Mult
Patching Panda Copycat Active Mult
Used Make Noise Passive Mult
Used Buck Modular Mutation 4-Channel Mute
Used Alright Devices Chronoblob V1
Used Bastl Tea Kick
Used Barton Dual Logic
Used Antimatter Audio Brain Seed
Used Pittsburgh Modular SV-1 Blackbox
Used Universal Audio Arrow Desktop Thunderbolt 3
Used Linnstrument
Used Linnstrument
Used Doepfer Monster Base
Used PreSonus Eris E8 Monitors (Pair)
Used Blue Lantern Simple ADSR
Used Pittsburgh Move Case (Red)
Used Gator Extra Large Pedalboard with Bag - 32"x17" White
76 results
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