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After Later Audio Pique
Intellijel Plonk Percussion Voice
Noise Engineering Basilimus Iteritas Alter Drum Synth
WMD Crucible Curved Metal & Cymbal Module
WMD Kraken Snare & Sidestick Module
Rossum Electro-Music Assimil8or Multi-timbral Phase-modulation Sampler
Erica Synths Pico Drum2 Percussion Module
WMD Fracture Clap/Particle Percussion Module
WMD Crater Analog/Digital Bass Drum Module
WMD Chimera Percussion Module
Recovery Effects Analog Kick
After Later Audio Mutable Instruments Peaks Clone
Erica Synths Pico Drums Percussion Module (aka DRUM1)
ALM Busy Circuits ALM015 Akemie's Taiko
SSF/Steady State Fate Entity Ultra-Kick
Erica Synths Pico Drum Programmer
Erica Synths Bass Drum 2
Endorphin.es Queen Of Pentacles Analog Drum/Percussive Synthesizer
Erica Synths Hi-Hats D (with pins)
ALM Busy Circuits Tyso Daiko Dual 12-bit Drum Voice
Noise Reap Foundation Kick Drum
Future Sound Systems FIL-1 Convulsion Generator
Befaco Percall Drum Synthesizer (Assembled)
2HP Hat Percussion Module
Endorphin.es Queen Of Pentacles Analog Drum/Percussive Synthesizer (Silver)
Endorphin.es Blck_Noir 7 voice drum synthesizer
Mosaic Bass Drum 1U (white)
Mosaic Bass Drum 1U (black)
Erica Synths Toms
Erica Synths Toms
Erica Synths Pico Noise
Mosaic Hi-Hat 1U (black)
Mosaic Snare Drum 1U (black)
Erica Synths Snare Drum
Michigan Synths Works SY0.5 Analog Drum Module
Erica Synths LXR Eurorack Module
Endorphin.es Blck_Noir 7-voice drum synthesizer (silver)
39 results
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