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WMD C4RBN Wavefolding Filter
WMD Javelin Envelope/VCA
WMD Pro Output Final Stage
WMD Performance Mixer
WMD Performance Mixer
WMD Overseer DJ-Style Filter
WMD MSCL Stereo Compressor
WMD AXYS Dual Stereo Crossfader
WMD Triad expander for Arpitecht
WMD Arpitecht Quantizer & Arpeggiator
WMD 4TTEN Quad Attenuator
WMD Fracture Clap/Particle Percussion Module
WMD Metron Sequencer
WMD Metron Sequencer
WMD Time Warp Slew Effect
WMD Axxent expander for Metron
WMD Voltera expansion for Metron
WMD SL3KT Triple Bipolar Switch
WMD Crucible Curved Metal & Cymbal Module
WMD Crater Analog/Digital Bass Drum Module
WMD Chimera Percussion Module
WMD Power Cable for up to 4 Voltera
WMD SCLPL Stereo EQ/Filter
WMD Triple Bipolar VCA
WMD TRSHMSTR Filter & Distortion
WMD SSM Expand Sequential Switch Matrix Expander
WMD MultiMode VCA
WMD MultiMode VCA
WMD MultiMode Envelope
WMD Buffered Mult
WMD Buffered Mult
WMD Invert Offset CV Processor
WMD Aperture Variable-Width Bandpass Filter
WMD Volt Precision Voltage Generator
WMD Quad Anti-Aliasing Filter (QAAF)
WMD OSD Or / Sum / Difference Signal Processor
WMD Sequential Switch Matrix
WMD PM Mutes Expander for Performance Mixer
WMD Kraken Snare & Sidestick Module
40 results
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