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WMD C4RBN Wavefolding Filter
WMD Javelin Envelope/VCA
WMD Pro Output Final Stage
WMD Performance Mixer
WMD Overseer DJ-Style Filter
WMD MSCL Stereo Compressor
WMD AXYS Dual Stereo Crossfader
WMD Triad expander for Arpitecht
WMD Arpitecht Quantizer & Arpeggiator
WMD 4TTEN Quad Attenuator
WMD Fracture Clap/Particle Percussion Module
WMD Metron Sequencer
WMD Time Warp Slew Effect
WMD Axxent expander for Metron
WMD Voltera expansion for Metron
WMD SL3KT Triple Bipolar Switch
WMD Crucible Curved Metal & Cymbal Module
WMD Crater Analog/Digital Bass Drum Module
WMD Chimera Percussion Module
WMD Power Cable for up to 4 Voltera
WMD SCLPL Stereo EQ/Filter
WMD Triple Bipolar VCA
WMD TRSHMSTR Filter & Distortion
WMD SSM Expand Sequential Switch Matrix Expander
WMD MultiMode VCA
WMD MultiMode Envelope
WMD Buffered Mult
WMD Invert Offset CV Processor
WMD Aperture Variable-Width Bandpass Filter
WMD Volt Precision Voltage Generator
WMD Quad Anti-Aliasing Filter (QAAF)
WMD OSD Or / Sum / Difference Signal Processor
WMD Sequential Switch Matrix
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