6U 104HP Carbon Fiber Travel Case with Lid

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Erica Synths gives you one of the lightest and most durable eurorack travelcases available – the Carbon Fiber Travelcase! Weighing just 3,2kg it houses 2x104HP of eurorack modules and the lid is deep enough to transport your modular with a patch ready for performance. The Erica Synths Carbon Fiber Travelcase will be a reliable companion when traveling to gigs and keep your precious system protected.


The case comes with built in universal PSU, that provides 2,5A@+12V, 2,5A@-12V, 1A@+5V and eurorack distribution boards with 60 module connectors. 

Technical specifications:

Capacity 2x104HP
Mass w/o modules 3.2 kg
Mass with modules ~5kg
Dimensions 550x280x140mm
Depth of a case Max 67mm, min 54mm (over the PSU connectors)
Depth of a lid 59 mm
Power supply  3.34A universal external Meanwell PSU and built in voltage converters

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