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Instruo harmonàig Quad Quantizer

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The harmonàig is a four voice voltage quantiser designed with intuitive harmonic capabilities. It brings the possibility of composing and performing chord progressions, and harmonising in a polyphonic manner, to what is traditionally a monophonic instrument. No deep understanding of music theory is needed!

harmonàig | ˈhɑːməni | noun (musical tone) an overtone accompanying a fundamental tone at a fixed interval, the combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce a pleasing effect


Depth: 27mm


+12V: 100mA
–12V: 10mA


  • +/–10V (20 octave) CV input range with attenuverter
  • +/–10V (20 octave) CV output range for all 4 chord tones
  • Analogue Slew (not capitalised) limiter per CV output
  • Gate/Trigger output for Performance and Quantizer modes respectively
  • Large horizontal button keyboard for ease of control and performance
  • Automatic, manual or CV selectable chord qualities
  • -∆7 (minor major 7)
  • O (diminished 7)
  • Ø (minor 75)
  • -7 (minor 7)
  • 7 (dominant 7)
  • ∆7 (major 7)
  • +∆7 (augmented major 7)
  • +7 (augmented 7)
  • Four user definable chord voicings (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Independant CV controllable chord inversion and voicings
  • Pre-quantization transposition and global offset transposition


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