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DATA : The multifunction tool for Eurorack modular systems

  • 16 HP (81.28mm width)

  • 35mm approx. depth

  • Full color, 2.8” (71mm) display, with crystal clear, scratch resistant window

  • User upgradable firmware via included microSD card

  • Oscilloscope, tuner, waveform generator, clock source/div/mult, spectral display, and more

  • Input / Output:

    • 4 input jacks (+/-10V range), AC or DC coupled via on-screen control

    • 4 buffered through jacks, one for each input channel

    • 4 output jacks (+10 to -5V range), can be CV, audio, trigger or gate signals

  • Power Consumption (average):

    • ~250mA +12V

    • ~60mA -12V

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