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Dark Time Blue Sequencer

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Doepfer Dark Time Sequencer (BLUE LED)
Doepfer’s Dark Time sequencer is a CV/gate sequencer with 2x8 step sequencers, USB/MIDI connections, and per-step rotary control over the Pitch CV parameter. There are also an internal clock complete with frequency PWM controls and alternate run modes (forward, backward, random, and custom—which allows for user programming). Each step features options like reset, rest, skip, stop, continue, and jump, which allow for seemingly endless creative variations. Even more, the Dark Time features comes equipped with an internal quantizer an can be clocked internally or externally.

This version features BLUE LEDs.

Dark Time Sequencer (BLUE LED) Features
2x8 Analog Sequencer with CV/GATE, MIDI, and USB Interface
2 Rows with 8 Steps each
Each Step has a Rotary Control for Pitch CV, LED Indication (Blue), 3-Position ON/OFF/SKIP Switch, 3-Position STOP/CONTINUE/JUMP Switch
RESET Button
STEP Button
Internal Clock via built-in Clock Oscillator with Frequency and Pulsewidth controls and LED Indication
Frequency Divide and Shuffle Controls
3-Position INTERNAL, EXTERNAL, MIDI/USB Clock Sync Switch
Sequencer Run Mode Select Switch between 2X(1-8), 1-16, and 1-8 COMBI
3-Position Transpose Switch for steps 1-8
3-Position Transpose Switch for steps 9-16
3-Position Voltage Range Select Switch from 1V, 2V, 5V
3-Position Quantize Select Switch from OFF, SCALE, ON
3-Position Sequence Direction Select Switch from UP, RANDOM, DOWN for steps 1-8
3-Position Sequence Direction Select Switch from UP, RANDOM, DOWN for steps 9-16
USB Socket
MIDI Input
MIDI Output
Analog Inputs: CV1, CV2, CLK, RESET, START/STOP
Analog Outputs: CV1, CV2, GATE 1, GATE 2, CLK, RESET, START/STOP
CV scaling: 1V/Octave standard (note: not suitable to control devices with Hz/V scale !)
Gate Voltage 0/+5V

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