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Audio Interfaces

Looking to get professional-sounding audio into and out of your computer or mobile device?  What about MIDI?  You're in the right place.  We have a wide range of choices for the simple budget items that plug into your phone all the way up to pristine-quality interfaces with multiple channels to choose from.  We even have some of the newest USB-C interfaces for the most demanding, up-to-date computers and tablets.
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Roland Rubix22 USB Audio Interface
Korg Plug Key Mobile iOS MIDI to Lightning Interface
Steinberg UR22mkII
Steinberg UR12
Steinberg UR12
Roland Rubix24 USB Audio Interface
Roland GO LIVECAST Streaming Studio
Steinberg UR-RT2
Steinberg UR44C
Steinberg UR44C
Steinberg UR22C
Steinberg UR22C
Steinberg UR242
Steinberg UR242
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