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Cases, Bags, & Lids

Protect your investment with these stylish cases, bags, and lids.  Great for bringing your synth or modular to a friend's house or to the venue while keeping your precious equipment safe and sound.
125 results
Teenage Engineering CA-X Case for Pocket Operators (several colors!)
Elektron Protective Lid PL-2S
Elektron Protective Lid PL-2
Elektron Protective Lid PL-3
Elektron ECC-7 Carry Bag
Teenage Engineering OP-Z PVC Roll up Bag (several colors)
Intellijel Tin Containers
Intellijel Tin Containers
From $4.00
Intellijel 62HP Palette Lid
Elektron Protective Lid PL-4
Intellijel Dopp Bag
Intellijel Dopp Bag
Intellijel Gig Bag for 7U Performance Cases
Teenage Engineering OP-1 Soft Case
Intellijel Pouch Accessories Bag
Intellijel 62HP Palette Gig Bag
Roland DK-01 Boutique Module Dock
Elektron ECC-5 Carry Bag Sleeve
Intellijel Gig Bag for 4U 104HP Palette Case
Moog Music Theremini Bag
Moog Music Mother-32 Bag
Tiptop Audio Trans Mantis Express Bag
Teenage Engineering OP-Z Soft Case
Korg Minilogue Soft Case
Patchwerks Cotton Tote Bag
Decksaver 1010music Blackbox & Bluebox Cover
Yamaha reface bag
Yamaha reface bag
Decksaver Akai Pro MPC Live II Cover
Intellijel 104HP Palette Lid
Teenage Engineering TX-6 Field Pouch Small White
Teenage Engineering TX-6 Field Bag Small White
Decksaver Arturia Keystep Pro Cover
Analog Cases GLIDE case for OP-Z
Analog Cases GLIDE case for OP-1
Teenage Engineering OB-4 Mesh Bag (several colors)
Decksaver TipTop Audio Mantis Cover
Decksaver Teenage Engineering OP-1 Cover
Decksaver NI Maschine MK3 Cover
125 results