Studio Mixers

Check out the great value you can get from some of these mixers.  We have high quality audio mixers ranging from just a couple inputs to many more, and some even have USB audio interfaces you can plug directly into your computer without the need for a dedicated interface.
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Korg Volca Mix
Korg Volca Mix
Yamaha MG10XU 10-Channel Analog Mixer
Roland R-07-BK High-Resolution Handheld Audio Recorder
Yamaha MG10 10-channel Mixer
Yamaha MG06 6-Channel Analog Mixer
1010 Music Bluebox Compact Mixer/Recorder (Pre-order)
Yamaha MG12XU 12-Channel Analog Mixer
Yamaha MG06X 6-Channel Analog Mixer with Effects
Roland MX-1 Performance Mixer
Yamaha MG12 12-Channel Analog Mixer
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