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If you've got more than just a couple of boxes on your desk, or even if you just have the lone groovebox, you might like to improve the ergonomics of your workflow with these stands and racks.  Your body will thank you, and you'll be able to concentrate that much better with your instruments right where they need to be in your studio or on the stage.
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Eurodesk-Z HEX-01 - Eurorack (1/8 inch) Cable Hanger
Moog Mother 32 3-Tier Rack
Ultimate Support MDS-100 Modular Device Stand
Eurodesk-Z KLAUZ1e - Wall-Mountable (1/8 inch) Eurorack Cable Hanger
Moog Mother 32 2-Tier Rack
Ultimate Support MDS-X Expander
Make Noise Blued Steel Case Stand
Eurodesk-Z DeskStarz
Eurodesk-Z HEX-25 - Large Format Modular (1/4 inch) Cable Hanger
Sequenz Standard-M-SV Medium Keyboard Stand - Silver
Moog 104HP Crossbar for Moog Tier Kits
Roland KS-10X Keyboard Stand
Sequenz Standard-S-ABK Small Keyboard Stand - Black
Sequenz STA-M-S Small Add-On Tier - Silver
Sequenz STA-S-B Small Add-On Tier - Black
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