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Need to read up and get inspired?  Check out the books we've got in stock.  Or, maybe you'd like to check out some music from some of our favorites?  Seek and ye shall find, below.
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Patch & Tweak With Moog Book (preorder)
Waveform Magazine Issue 4 (Summer 2020)
Bryan Beats - Album Egg album (CD)
Bryan Beats - The Mythology album (CD)
Bryan Beats - Powerdrive EP (CD)
Amulets - 'Between Distant and Remote' Cassette
Tim Held - Music to Come Down To
Brett Naucke - Electronic Hypnosis Program
Downtown - Headhunter [Tape]
Pedal Crush Book
Orqid "Tenderness" 12" Compact Disc
Orqid "Tenderness" 12" vinyl LP
Parody of the Senses 2
Evan Caminiti - Refraction
Animal|Inside - Society CD
Qah Lwa - Light Parasites and Ether Snails CD
Lars Jensen - A Parody of the Senses CD
The Pink Bolts - Tape
Patch & Tweak Book
Donald Crunk - Pacific Pivot Cassette
MOTS Seattle EP. 1
MOTS Seattle Vol. 1
Dark Sparkler - Year One Cassette
Orqid Ideology 7" Vinyl
I Dream Of Wires DVD
Push Turn Move Book
Gel-Sol - Horse Head Bookends
Patchwerks Slipmats
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