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Want to test your skills soldering?  Building kits saves you lots of money, and it's also a blast!  Choose from several kits at Patchwerks.

Note: due to the nature of kits, we cannot accept exchanges or returns on any kits unless they are still factory-sealed.

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Korg Nu Tekt NTS-1 digital KIT
AI Synthesis AI001 Multiple Eurorack Kit
AI Synthesis AI002 Audio and CV Mixer Kit
AI Synthesis AI004 OTA Voltage Controlled Filter Kit
AI Synthesis AI003 Looping ADSR Envelope Generator Kit
AI Synthesis AI008 Eurorack Matrix Mixer Kit
AI Synthesis AI006 Stomp Box Adapter Kit
Befaco DivKid Mutes Kit
AI Synthesis AI010 Switching Attenuator Kit
Mystic Circuits 0hp Eyetenuator
4ms Rotating Clock Divider Full Kit
Acid Rain Technology Navigator DIY Kit
Korg Little Bits Synth Kit
Mystic Circuits 0hp Vac Vca
Mystic Circuits 0hp OR Gate
AI Synthesis AI016 Eurorack Tape Echo Interface Kit
AI Synthesis AI011 Analog VCO Kit
Mystic Circuits 0hp Lpf
Mystic Circuits 0hp Vac Lpg
Mystic Circuits 0hp And Gate / Vca
4ms Company Quad Pingable LFO Full Kit
4ms Company Pingable Envelope Generator Full Kit
Befaco Rampage Serge/Buchla Ramp Generator (kit)
Korg OD-S Nutube Overdrive Pedal Kit
AI Synthesis AI007 Quad VCA Mixer Kit
Consignment Turn DIY Kit
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