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Grooveboxes - all-in-one sequencers and sound generators

Ah, the groovebox.  With the original single function machines like the Roland TR-808 drum machine and Roland TB-303 bassline, one typically needed a few of these classics together to make some tunes.  But now, several manufacturers are creating great all-in-one machines you can use to create a complete song.  They do integrate into larger setups as well, meaning you can start small with one of these and expand as you go along.
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Elektron Digitakt 8-voice Drum Computer and Sampler
Elektron Digitone 8 voice polyphonic digital synthesizer
Teenage Engineering OP-Z
Teenage Engineering OP-1
Elektron Model Samples
Open Box Elektron Model Samples
Elektron Octatrack MKII 8-track Performance Sampler
Roland TR-8S Rhythm Performer
Elektron Model Cycles
Elektron Analog Rytm MKII
Roland MC-101
Roland MC-101
Elektron Digitone Keys 8 Voice Polyphonic Digital Synthesizer
1010 Music Blackbox
Korg Electribe Red Sampler
Elektron Analog Four MKII 4-voice Analog Synthesizer with Sequencer
Roland MC-707
Roland MC-707
Novation Circuit
Korg Electribe Blue Drum Machine
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