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Buchla Banana Shorting Bar
Buchla Banana Patch Cable 40"
Buchla Banana Patch Cable 30"
Buchla Banana Patch Cable 20"
Buchla Banana Patch Cable 10"
Buchla Banana Patch Cable 5"
Future Sound Systems TG5 Gristleizer Guitar Preamp
Future Sound Systems TG2 Gristleizer Generator VCO
Future Sound Systems Mute STUMM Mutes
Future Sound Systems OSC1 "Cyclical Engine" VCO
Future Sound Systems 4-channel Mixer
Future Sound Systems MTX9A Pin Matrix
Future Sound Systems MTX8 Pin Matrix Mixer (Standard edition)
Future Sound Systems FIL-1 Convulsion Generator
Expert Sleepers MIDI Breakout Module
Expert Sleepers ES-6 Lightpipe Interface for ES-3 and ES-8
Instruo Tš-L Analog Oscillator
Instruo troika Triple Oscillator
After Later Audio Typhoon (Clouds) Granular Processor (Open Box)
Malekko Quad VCA (black) (Open Box)
RME Audio Fireface UC Audio Interface
RME Audio Babyface Pro FS Audio Interface
After Later Audio Popple Stereo Filter (Open Box)
Tiptop Audio Z8000 Matrix Sequencer
Tiptop Audio Trigger Riot Sequencer
Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythms Performance Sequencer
Sequential Prophet-5 Desktop Synthesizer Module (Open Box)
XAOC Devices Nin Expander for Zadar
XAOC Devices Zadar Quad Envelope and Modulation Generator
XAOC Devices Warna II Mult/Mixer/Inverter
XAOC Devices Tallin Dual VCA with Overdrive
XAOC Devices Sewastopol II Input/Output
XAOC Devices Sarajewo Syncable Analog Delay
XAOC Devices Katowice Stereo Band Isolator (EQ/Crossover/etc)
XAOC Devices Hel Polyphonic Expander for Odessa
XAOC Devices Odessa Additive Synthesis VCO
841 results
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