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4ms Company Shuffling Clock Multiplier+

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**we expect the 4ms Shuffling Clock Multiplier+ to arrive by Fall 2022, add to wishlist now to ensure you get one when they become available!

Shuffling Clock Multiplier and SCM Breakout in one module!
  • Eight clock outputs, multiplying incoming clock from 2x to 8x 
  • Create complex rhythms with Shuffle, Skip, Slip, and Rotate:
    -Slip controls how much a particular pulse is delayed
    -Shuffle selects which pulses are slipped
    -Skip selects particular pulses to mute
    -Rotate changes which jack outputs which multiplied clock
  • Pulse Width, Mute, and 4x Fast controls 
  • Tighter timing than original version
  • Jumper to enable/disable free-running clock mode
  • 12HP
_hp 12