CV sections

Blend has two CV sections each with:

  • Input (normalled to a +5V signal)
  • Attenuverter
  • Output

CV Mixer section

Blend takes the outputs of the two CV sections and offers the following:

  • Min output
  • Max output
  • Comparator output (level brought down to 4.5V)
  • Sum output

The min and max sections do not attempt to be precision min/max measurements.  They will be within two diode drops of the actual min or max voltage.

VCA Section

There are two VCA sections that are also have a mix output.  The CV input for each VCA is normalled to the output of a CV section.  The VCA circuits are LM13700 based so they will slightly color the sound.  The response curve is nearly linear but offers a slight exponential curve.

Technical Details

  • Power consumption:
    • 12V – 40mA
    • -12V – 40mA
  • Size: 6hp

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