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Designed to provide a powerful, flexible sampling engine for modular synthesis, the ASSIMIL8OR Multi-Timbral Phase Modulation Sampler module is the latest incarnation of Dave Rossum's decades-long pioneering of affordable professional sampling technology.

ASSIMIL8OR provides eight independent channels of sampling with sound quality that can range from extremely hi-fi to low fi, all with extensive real-time CV control.

Key ASSIMIL8OR features will include:

Eight-channel multi-timbral operation. Each channel will be available from its own independent output as well as appearing in the stereo mix output.
Superb 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion.
Mono or stereo sampling. Channels can be configured as eight mono voices, four stereo voices, or any combination. (Well, any combination that adds up to eight).
The ability to assign up to 8 samples to each channel and select between them in real time via CV.
DC coupling through the signal path for sampling of control voltages.
Unique timbral capabilities with the ability to phase modulate samples by external analog signals or by other samples (a first, we believe).
Variable sample fidelity with independently selectable sample rate and bit depth.
Real-time CV control of bit depth.
Real-time CV control of aliasing (from virtually none to lots).
Extensive sample manipulation and looping capabilities.
Sample scrubbing under CV control.
One-shot or gated sample playback with variable attack and release times.
Gate/trigger inputs and CV inputs for each sample that can be assigned independently for each channel to virtually any sample parameter. Examples include:Pitch
Bit Depth
Phase Modulation
Sample Start
Sample Length
Loop Start
Loop Length
Release Time
A front panel accessible SD card for sample and preset storage.

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