Roland Boutique Synthesizers & Drum Machines

The Roland Boutique series is awesome!  These are small synths and drum machines with major sound.  Each is modeled on one of Roland's classic instruments, except for the SE-02 which is a fully analog collaboration with Studio Electronics.  Select from the sublime polysynth JU-06A modeled after the classic Juno-60 and Juno-106, the SH-01a which is modeled after the SH-101 monosynth, the 3-oscillator analog monster SE-02, the TB-03 (which probably needs no introduction), and TR-08 which was modeled after the drum machine that started it all, the TR-808.

All Boutiques have MIDI and USB, so you can decide whether to use them like classic synthesizers using traditional MIDI and audio outputs, or you can use MIDI as well as audio over USB.  They're battery powered or USB bus powered (except the SE-02 which includes an AC adapter), making them great travel instruments.  And each unit includes a "mix in" that allows you to chain the audio of them together into one output for headphones or for your mixer.



Polyphonic synth with arpeggiator and effects having two separate engines, one modeled after the Juno-60 and one modeled after the Juno-106.  Great arpeggiator and sweet effects!  Does not come with a dock.


Triple-oscillator analog monosynth created in collaboration with Studio Electronics.  Some might say this began inspired by the Minimoog, and this monster also includes a sequencer, effects, and several different cross-modulation for the oscillators.  Sounds great!  Does not come with a dock.


Single-oscillator analog-style synth modeled after the classic SH-101 monosynth.  The SH-101 was known for its ease of use, its amazing sequencer, and of course the rich sound.  The SH-01a has all this and even adds polyphony!  Does not come with a dock.


Amazing little bassline synthesizer modeled after the classic TB-303.  This guy includes the classic sequencer of the 303 with much streamlined programming and that classic, rich, sound of the most famous bassline unit ever.  The TB-03 improves on it with built-in overdrive and delay.  This unit does come with a dock.


Even if one doesn't know what the classic TR-808 is, one would definitely recognize the sounds.  Possibly the most heard drum machine ever, the 808 has those classic deep bass booms, snappy snares, and crisp metallic hihats.  And let's not forget the cowbell, shall we?  The TR-08 has all that and even has a few tricks onboard like compression and extended bass decay to make it even more powerful.  This one does come with a dock.


Grab a DK-01 dock for your Boutique, which cradles the unit in three different orientations, or go straight for the K-25m keyboard which attaches to any Boutique for instant playability (also with three angles).  The TB-03 and TR-08 come with their own dock already.


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Roland JU-06A
Roland JU-06A
Roland TR-08 Rhythm Composer
Roland SE-02 Boutique Analog Synth Module
Roland SH-01A
Roland SH-01A
Roland TB-03 Bass Line
Roland TR-08 Rhythm Composer (Open Box)
Roland TB-03 Bass Line (Open Box)
Roland SH-01A (Open Box)
Roland SH-01A (Open Box)
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Roland K-25M
Roland K-25M
Roland DK-01 Boutique Module Dock
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